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Iran Fruits Exporter  |A Leading Company in Iran Fruits Chain

We are one of the few Iranian fruit export companies located in the largest fruit-producing region of Iran: Mazandaran province!

ABOUT US | The Prominent Iran Fruits Exporter

Caspian Fruits Group act in the field of gardening, processing and exporting Iranian fresh fruits.

Our central gardens and facility are located in Mazandaran Province, which is the primary producer of citrus and kiwi fruit in Iran. Kinds of Oranges and Mandarins are growing in Caspian Fruits orchards, and we are taking care of them by employing expert staff to have the best quality fruits.
After years of supplying fruit merchants and companies with Iran’s internal and international markets, we, as Caspian Fruits Group, have started processing and packing our fruits to export them directly, which makes us the first-hand citrus exporter.

Caspian Fruits Group is ready to cooperate with international merchants and companies who want to import Iranian fruits; We have the ability to export and deliver our fresh fruits to CIS and GCC countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. We are looking forward to making our client import experience successful and convenient.

iran fruits exporting company
iran fruits exporter

Mazandaran Province, Iran Fruits Exporting and the Caspian Fruits Group

Mazandaran province is located in the northern region of Iran. It is surrounded by the Alborz mountains in its south and the Caspian Sea in its north. This natural position caused a moderate climate and fertile soil to make Mazandaran an agricultural province in Iran.

About 7,000,000 tons of agricultural products are produced in Mazandaran, of which 3,500,000 tons are citrus fruits. According to the statistics, oranges and tangerines yield more than any other fruits in this province, which makes this area the top producer of oranges and tangerines in Iran. More than 320,000 tons of Kiwifruits are harvested, too. Peach, nectarine, and persimmon are the other fruits produced in this fertile province.

Caspian Fruits Group is a wholesale fruit exporter concentrating on Mazandaran capacities. We export oranges, tangerines, kiwifruits, and some other fruits in bulk. Being first-hand in citrus and flexible in response to our clients’ needs makes our brand well-known in our customers’ feedback, which makes us honored.

iran fruits exporting company
iran fruits exporting company


  • the best prices for exporting Iranian fruits

Caspian Fruits Group strives to offer high-quality services at competitive prices. With our strong presence and direct operations in Iran’s primary fruit-producing regions and our extensive network within Iran’s customs borders (which is necessary for successful international transport), our clients can have confidence in our pricing, as we are deeply engaged in Iran’s fruit export industry.

  • 24/7 availability

To experience the best service for fruit importers who works with Caspian Fruits Group, we make contacting links too much easy. By online messengers like WhatsApp or services like Email, you can send us RFQ, track your cargo and ask us your questions; we get back to you quickly, as soon as possible, even on weekends.

  • exporting Iran healthy fruits

In different stages of Iran fruit supply, even before bud break since harvesting, then processing and packing in the sorting facility, our exporting company is supervised to ensure quality checks, regulations, protocols, and policies. Exporting healthy Iranian fruit is a “Caspian Fruits” commitment to its clients, so we always consider quality assurance.

  • fully engaged in Iran’s Fruit business

From the past years, our attendance in gardening, then expansion of our business by fruit sorting and packing, made us experienced in fruit supplying. Caspian Fruits Group’s honourable history in the fruit business in Iran and its cooperation with several parties over the years create efficient networks around this group. That helps us provide excellent services to fruit importers seeking Iranian fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits.

  • first-class services

Caspian Fruits Group, as a contemporary enterprise, always strives to make a good reputation that spreads so far. We always empower our staff and are committed to supporting our clients throughout the purchasing process; we believe first-class services and transparency bring us long-term business relationships, which is precious for our group.

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Grandiose sunset ☀️🐝🌸
#sunset #bee # garden

Grandiose sunset ☀️🐝🌸
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5 March to 9 May in the garden 🌟Music: Toranj  ترنج
Musician: Mohsen Namjoo#iran #fruit #orange

5 March to 9 May in the garden 🌟

Music: Toranj ترنج
Musician: Mohsen Namjoo

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Bloom festival!#caspainfruits #پرتقال #garden #orange  #iran #fruits #نارنگی

Bloom festival!

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HAPPY SPRING 🌱🐝#bloom #bee #spring


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More than ready for the Indian markets✌️Send a message to have the updated rates:
+989113113326More: #iran #fruits #company

More than ready for the Indian markets✌️

Send a message to have the updated rates:


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Fresh Oranges #Iran #fruits #company #oranges  #packing  #iran #export #import #machine #fresh

Fresh Oranges #Iran #fruits #company #oranges #packing #iran #export #import #machine #fresh ...

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Loading fresh oranges onto the truck.
About the latest cargo, we supplied and exported. The delivery term was CIP Samarqand, Uzbekistan.#iran #uzbekistan #freshfruit
#oranges #tangerines #caspianfruits

Loading fresh oranges onto the truck.
About the latest cargo, we supplied and exported. The delivery term was CIP Samarqand, Uzbekistan.

#iran #uzbekistan #freshfruit
#oranges #tangerines #caspianfruits

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تصدير البرتقال الإيراني إلى العراق | export Iranian oranges to Iraq#iraq #fruits #iran #import #export

تصدير البرتقال الإيراني إلى العراق | export Iranian oranges to Iraq

#iraq #fruits #iran #import #export

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