Caspian Fruits; Iran Leading Citrus Exporter

Caspian Fruits group acts in the field of farming, processing and exporting Iranian Agricultural Crops, concentrating on Fresh Citrus Fruits such as kind of Oranges, Mandarins, etc. (see our products)

We dedicate ourselves as a reliable partner for international customers because of the following:
• Direct attendance in gardening citrus,
• Partnership right on citrus grading and packing facility,
• Using the well-trained and expert team in several stages of fruit supply and export affairs,
• Deep background in Iran’s internal fruits trade.

From the field:

In Caspian Fruits, monitoring and supervision start from the orchards, both the orchards that we own and the orchards that we buy in advance every year. Most of the citrus fruits we supply, such as Navelina oranges, Thomson Navel oranges, early-season mandarin (Satsuma), Anshu and Page mandarins are direct products of our gardens. In recent years, due to the expansion of our business, we pre-purchase gardens. We always keep scientific principles in mind in pre-purchase and pay much attention to the empowerment of gardeners.
In the maintenance and monitoring of farms, we use expert forces and always take care of trees against pests and diseases by collecting and storing all the variables data, including conditions of the soil and plants, weather, crop amount, etc., to consider, process or improvement and evaluate our records.

Caspian Fruits Garden-Iran Citrus Exporter
Most of the Oranges and Mandarins we export are supply from our own orchards
Iran Orange and Mandarin at Caspian Fruits Garden
Caspian Fruits Garden-Iran Citrus Exporter
Kind of Citrus fruits like Valencia, Navelina and Thomson Navel Oranges are being exported by Caspain Fruits.
Valencia Orange fruit in our garden

To the depth of the market:

Our presence in the Iranian fruit trade for several years made us gain a good understanding of the market, especially the citrus market. Gradually cooperating with different players in horticulture, processing and packaging, the transportation industry and customs affairs activists created a valuable network of beneficiaries in Iran’s citrus supply and export industry around us.
To develop our presence in the market and respond better to our loyal customers, we got partnership rights in a citrus grading and packaging facility in Bobol County, Mazandaran Province. This step was a prominent point in the development of our company, which directly strengthened our presence in the supply chain and made our group more flexible in business dealings.
As a supplier and exporter of Iranian citrus fruits, Caspian Fruits is proud to have capable customers from different countries who trust our products and services and work whit us in continuous and regular orders. This honor reminds us of our core values, Values and commitments which have been carefully selected and have created the competitive advantages of our organization.

Iran orange-ready to export-Caspian Fruits Group
Processing and Packing Fruits in Caspian Fruits facility
Packaging is done according to the customer's order.
Caspian Fruits-Iranian Fruit Exporter
Caspian Fruits's deep-rooted experience in Iran's fruits supply and export
We're able to export fresh fruits worldwide

Our core values:

One of our approaches is to provide quality products at reasonable prices. According to our core vision of the business, which we consider our interest in continuous financial transactions and long-term presence in the industry, profit and client satisfaction in trades are very important to us, and we believe the fruit importers who work with us as our trusted business partners in the importing countries. If a transaction does not have enough benefits for the counterparty, it is considered a failure experience. These are the main reasons why Caspian Fruits is looking for fair trade. Besides that, we have followed all regulations, quality checks and protocols to ensure that a healthy fruit reaches the consumer.
We build our reputation by understanding the needs of our customers and developing products and services based on their demands and interests. Our flexibility allows us to respond to special requirements in addition to the usual market demands, and we always welcome involving inspection companies.
We always consider ourselves committed to using expert and well-trained personnel and insist on continuous training and empowering our employees, gardeners and workers. The management team insists on educating and awareness of the small community surrounding the group. The knowledge and scientific approach to different stages in the fruit supply and export business has created a unique culture in our group so that the innovation and creativity of the employees have received special attention from the management team and has made Caspian Fruits one of the stylish suppliers and exporters in the field of citrus fruits in Iran, which you must have realized if you have interacted with us.
The nature of wholesale trade, trade with Iran and FMCG industry have their own concerns. We will do our best to understand the potential problems of our customers, and according to our history in fruit supplying, experience in business, 24/7 availability and the problem-solving spirit of our group, we will offer tranquillity to the counterparty. Customer satisfaction is one of the critical points in our organization. We try to provide first-class services that exceed the customer’s expectations to step in the direction of mutual trust. We support them in the whole process through cooperation if they wish, and we seek to bring them a successful experience.