iranian oranges ready to export to russian markets.
iranian oranges suitable for uzbekistan, russia, kazachstan and armenia fruit markets.
iranian oranges for iraq markets
iranian oranges ready to export to iraq.
iranian oranges suitable for afghanistan markets
iranian oranges suitable for uzbekistan markets.
Iranian oranges
Iranian oranges
Iranian oranges
iranian oranges ready to export to russian markets.

Caspian Fruits Group Export Iranian Oranges

Caspian Fruits Group is one of the leading Iranian orange fruit exporters. Due to its participation in producing and gardening citrus in Mazandaran province, Iran, it is a first-hand supplier of Iranian oranges and Mandarins.


Different types of Iranian oranges, such as Navelina Oranges, Thompson Navel Oranges, Bloody Oranges, and Valencia Oranges, are exported by Caspian Fruits Group.


The countries importing Iran oranges are Iraq, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and different GCC countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. In addition to these, India imports Iran oranges too.
These different markets need oranges with different specifications. For example, Russian markets demand bigger Iranian oranges than those in India. Also, some of our customers need common packing baskets. In return, some others are looking for petrochemical white baskets. At Caspian Fruits Group, we help clients by consulting them to find the best options.

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Iranian Fresh Oranges Specification:

HS Code080510
VareityNavelina - Thompson Navel - Bloody - Valencia
Storage Life1 to 3 Months
Season AvailabilityFrom October to July
Common Sorting Size (gr)170-240 / 150-200 / 200-250 / 240-300 / +270 / +300 /

Orange Fruit Transportation Preferences:

Optimum Temperature+2 to +7 °C
Relative Humidity85 to 95 (%)
Ventilation Setting CMH15 to 25
Highest Freezing Point-0.8 °C

Caspian Fruits Group Oranges Packing:

Basket TypeCommon Plastic and Petrochemical (White)
Gross Weight9 / 10 / 10.5 Kg
Basket Size30×40 / 30×50 cm
Number of Oranges in Basket24 / 30 / 48 Pcs
Number of Orange Floors in Basket2
Container Type40ft reefer container
Number of Pallets26

Iranian Oranges for Import: A Complete Guide to Buying and Importing from Iran


Indubitably, the captivating allure of Iranian oranges transcends borders, captivating the palates of discerning consumers worldwide. These citrus gems have garnered a well-deserved reputation for their unparalleled quality and tantalizing taste, propelling them to the forefront of the international fruit market. For those yearning to delve into the realm of purchasing Iranian oranges in bulk or embarking on the exhilarating journey of importing these zesty treasures from Iran, behold this meticulously crafted compendium that leaves no stone unturned. Brace yourself for an odyssey through the labyrinthine terrain of perplexity and burstiness as we expound upon the enchantment of Iranian oranges.

History of Iranian Orange

Embark upon a temporal sojourn spanning over a century, and you shall bear witness to Iran’s resolute involvement in exporting its citrus bounty. Blessed with a climatic utopia and fertile soil that bestows favor upon orange cultivation, Iran has emerged as a formidable titan in the global orange production arena. A rich tapestry of expertise and a storied legacy intertwine seamlessly, endowing Iranian oranges with an indomitable aura of superiority.

The Best Time to Buy Iranian Oranges

To transcend the boundaries of mere gustatory pleasure and embark upon an epicurean voyage of ecstasy, it is imperative to seize the opportune moment. The zenith of ripeness and flavor for Iranian oranges reveals itself within the temporal confines of December to May, casting a spell of bewitching enticement upon connoisseurs of the citrus realm. Moreover, this temporal window of temptation coincides with a bountiful offering of enticing discounts, rendering it an opportune juncture for indulging in the splendor of bulk purchases.

Varieties of Iranian Oranges

Within the sun-kissed orchards of Iran, an opulent symphony of orange diversity unfolds. Behold the regal Valencia, reigning supreme as the embodiment of saccharine juiciness that dazzles the taste buds with each resplendent bite. In contrast, the seedless Thomson takes center stage, orchestrating a tangy melody that dances upon the palate with unparalleled zest. And let us not forget the beguiling Hamlin, with its subtly sour disposition and a lavish endowment of vitamin C. This veritable cornucopia of options allows even the most discerning buyers to embark upon a harmonious pursuit of the variety that satiates their gustatory desires.

Why Choose Iranian Oranges?

In the realm of citrus splendor, Iranian oranges reign supreme. A pantheon of compelling reasons tempts one to choose these citrus marvels over their counterparts. Foremost among these is the hallowed reputation for unrivaled quality and nutritional prowess. Cultivated through traditional farming methods that eschew the malevolence of harmful chemicals and pesticides, Iranian oranges emerge as the epitome of freshness and flavor. Meticulous hand-picking ensures that only the ripest fruits earn the honor of export, guaranteeing an unparalleled gustatory experience of unmitigated delight.

How to Buy Iranian Oranges

When venturing into the realm of acquiring Iranian oranges, one must tread the path of prudence and engage with reputable suppliers who evoke trust and ensure the zenith of quality and freshness. Two primary avenues await the intrepid seeker: direct engagement with Iranian farmers or navigating the labyrinthine corridors of trusted exporters. The digital landscape has birthed a virtual marketplace where discernment becomes effortless, empowering seekers of citrus nirvana to identify and compare suppliers with utmost ease. Prioritizing those adorned with positive reviews and a symphony of success stories ensures a veritable feast for the senses, punctuated by the symphony of premium-quality produce.

Importing Iranian Oranges

In the grand spectacle of importing Iranian oranges, adherence to an intricate web of regulations and procedures is an imperative dance. The journey commences with the acquisition of an import license from the august authorities in your nation, paving the way for a passionate embrace of these tangy treasures. Upholding phytosanitary regulations holds paramount importance, necessitating the presentation of a certificate of origin and ensuring that the oranges traverse borders free from the clutches of pests and diseases. This harmonious confluence of guidelines ensures a seamless voyage of orange importation while upholding international standards.

Benefits of Importing Iranian Oranges

The decision to import Iranian oranges unveils a cornucopia of advantages that transcend mere gustatory gratification. Foremost among these is the tantalizing prospect of acquiring high-quality fruit at a cost that stands tall amidst its competitors. Blessed with longevity that surpasses many counterparts, Iranian oranges emerge as the epitome of resilience and durability, defying the perils of long-distance shipping. This remarkable attribute minimizes losses during transportation, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of fresh and delectable oranges to satiate the cravings of consumers across the globe.

Pillars of Wisdom: Factors to Heed When Importing Oranges from Iran

As you venture into the grand endeavor of importing oranges from the enchanting lands of Iran, knowledge becomes your guiding light, illuminating the path toward seamless transactions. The first commandment etched in the annals of success demands unwavering adherence to legal obligations and regulations governing importation within your dominion. Failure to pay due reverence to these sacred edicts may summon the wrath of delays, fines, or even the seizure of your precious orange cargo. Ponder next upon the essence of quality, for it is the cornerstone of triumphant trade. Ensconce yourself in meticulous scrutiny, ensuring the oranges you embrace meet the standards and specifications ordained by your realm. And lo, as you venture forth, contemplate the intricacies of logistics—the delicate dance of shipping, handling, and preserving these vibrant orbs. Let no harm befall them, lest their vibrant siren song fade prematurely into silence.


In the grand finale of this intricate saga, we bear witness to the ascension of Iranian oranges as a veritable pinnacle of excellence in the global fruit market. This comprehensive guide has armed you with a profound understanding of procuring and importing these citrus jewels. Whether your desires lie in the realm of bulk purchases or embarking on a commercial odyssey of importation, a cornucopia of options awaits to cater to your every whim. Succumb to the allure, surrender to the siren song of exceptional quality and unrivaled flavor that accompanies the indulgence in Iranian oranges. Elevate your citrus offerings to hitherto unexplored heights, beckoning the world to partake in the symphony of gustatory splendor that unfolds within each succulent bite.


1. What is the best time to buy Iranian orange?

A: The best time to buy Iranian oranges is between December and May.


2. What are the different varieties of Iranian orange?

A: Iran produces several varieties of oranges, including Valencia, Thomson, and Hamlin.


3. How can I buy Iranian orange?

A: You can either buy directly from Iranian farmers or through a trusted exporter.


4. What are the benefits of importing Iranian orange?

A: Importing Iranian orange has several benefits, including access to high-quality fruit at a lower cost than other suppliers.


5. What are the phytosanitary regulations for importing Iranian orange?

A: Phytosanitary regulations require you to provide a certificate of origin and ensure that the oranges are free from pests and diseases.


6. Are Iranian oranges organic?

A. Yes, most Iranian oranges are grown organically, using natural fertilizers and pest control methods.


7. What is the shelf life of Iranian oranges?

A. Iranian oranges have a shelf life of up to two weeks when stored properly in cool temperatures.


8. Which countries import Iranian oranges?

A. Iran exports oranges to numerous countries, including Russia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and India.

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